On the Path to Freedom
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Let go, Let GOD

I am no lon­ger a sla­ve to fear.
I am a child of God.”

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile we are sin­ging and praying, I hear the small voi­ce next to me sin­ging the song lou­der and lou­der. I watch her. My heart is fil­led with so many mixed fee­lings when I see her sin­ging this with her eyes clo­sed and tears fal­ling from her eyes.

She has been in our Shel­ter­hou­se for a few months now. It is not the first time she has fled from her pimp, but this time she is deter­mi­ned to break with him, and with her past. The best way to break away is to start to give herself, her soul, her life to God. She knows He can free her com­ple­te­ly from eve­ry chain and let her live in free­dom.

It is easier said than done. Bon­da­ge of living in the dark for ages  is very strong: the addic­ti­on to sex and to the atten­ti­on of men, having got­ten used to living in luxu­ry, and the fee­ling of being spe­ci­al in the eyes of the man she ado­res. She still refu­ses to admit he is her pimp, alt­hough she has the facts of being sold out as a sex sla­ve dai­ly for over 12 years.

Step by step she is brea­king free. Fol­lo­wing the path towards free­dom  through spi­ri­tu­al, soci­al and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal guid­an­ce she is recei­ving from Cherut. Alt­hough she is figh­ting her demons, we can see  that she is brea­king free. We watch her  grow with gre­at anti­ci­pa­ti­on.

One more year from now, and she will be able to live  inde­pen­dent­ly, taking care of herself and her child­ren,” we tell each other in the team. This is what we hope and pray for this beau­ti­ful soul.

But then, not rea­dy for it, she meets with her pimp again. Too soon in the pro­cess, he got out of jail and she fell for him. Again. Blin­ded  by her love for him, she fol­lo­wed the man, who we knew would  for­ce her into pros­ti­tu­ti­on again.

Let go and let God…

It hurts when one of our girls, as we see them, goes back to her past and to her pimp. We have to let go, let her go. But insi­de of me, and all of us, the­re is this faith that God is not let­ting go. Our work and pray­ers with her were not in vain. He will wait for her and bring her back out of pros­ti­tu­ti­on and dark­ness into the light, His Light. Let go and let God… Some­ti­mes it looks like we have wor­ked hard with some­o­ne and it has all been for nothing. But the sta­ge she went through was neces­sa­ry. The next sta­ge is not for now, but for a later  time and may­be ano­ther care­gi­ver or shel­ter­hou­se, but is in God’s con­trol.